What's ibblue?

Technological solution, which integrates the different reservation systems of tourist accommodation (hotels, apartments, villas, etc.), a single reservation search engine.

The official metasearch of accommodation for entities and organizations, without intermediaries!
The Trivago of institutional portals.
The Web-Hub booking of associations or touristic destinations.
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Who is the ibblue accommodation search engine aimed at?

  • Touristic destinations
  • Hotel Associations
  • Official Tourism Associations
  • Hotel Federations or Associations
  • Federatión of Accommodations
  • Tourism Ministries
  • Municipalities and official tourist portals
  • Any entity that wants to offer an official accommodation availability search engine on its website,without intermediaries.

6 step funcionality

  1. ibblue provides a search box on the official website of the destination, association or official entity.
  2. The visitor starts the search (check-in date, check-out date and people).
  3. The result is listed with the price of the available accommodation on the reservation process.
  4. The visitor selects the desired accommodation and price starting the reservation process.
  5. The reservation process continues on the official website of the selected accommodation.
  6. The visitor finalizes the reservation on the accommodation´s official website

Integrates booking engines direclty from the accommodations

  • It`s NOT a travel agency.
  • It's NOT a channel manager
  • It doesn´t require maintenance by the accommodation, or entity.

Why incorporate Ibblue the accommodation metasearch engine into the destination's marketing and distribution strategy?

Smart destinations with online reservations.

Smart Tourist Destination is an innovative tourist destination, consolidated on a cutting-edge technological infrastructure, accessible to all, which facilitates interaction through online reservations of the visitor with the accommodations, and increases the quality of their experience with the destination.


With huge experience iintegrating tourist accommodation providers, having different technologies and protocols from different countries.

Among others - Channel managers, Tour Operators, Travel Agencies, PMS Management Systems, Reservation Systems.

Examples, Booking.com, Yieldplanet, Eturistic, Tui, Alltours, Sidetours, DTS ... etc


It's possible for the entity or destination continue to use the current website?

Yes, of course, that is one of the main virtues of ibblue.

Does the accommodation need to maintain a new platform or reservation system?

No, the accommodations continue to use their own reservation system, without having to perform anhy other maintenance.

Where does availability come from in the ibblue metasearch?

From the same reservation system of each accommodation.

What happens if the accommodations have different reservation systems between them?

Nothing happens, preciesly for this reason we createrd ibblue, to solve this problem and unify them all, in a single official search.

Where do ibblue get the price that appears in the search results?

The price is taken from the cheapest room on the official search engine of each accommodation.

Where does the guest pays?

The guest pays directly to the accommodation according to the reservation and tarif conditions of their own booking engine.

Where does the reservation data arrive?

The guest data from the booking will reach the same booking engine that each accomodation use.

Do new landing pages with accmodation info, have to be created?

The system does not require it, it will only be necessary to specify the search filters.

How long does it take to implement the ibblue metasearch?

It will depend on serveral factors such as; number of accommodations, number of booking engines and web sites

Does the entity, destinatiion or association need to make changes on their web site?

No, its not necessary to make changes, beyond incoroporating the programming code that ibblue will provide.

How will the accommodation, association or official destination know that the reservation started with the ibblue metasearch engine?

Incorporating a small script (code line) on the hosting website, the implementation is certainly easy ibblue will provide support for it in case its required.

Conctact us

Request information or proposal by calling +34 629672624 or by sending an email to info@ibblue.com  Thank you!! Gracias!!

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